All poker players are champions!

Blog 01

Thomas Wilman Henriksen with Jim Ramm

“I live my life like I play my game of poker…in pure joyful abandon!”   -Jim Ramm

All poker players are champions of a different kind and are easy to spot in the crowd. They practice heightened ethics, yet with a stark variance, especially in their abilities to comprehend human gesture. They are polite and have great manners but are extravagant. And yes, they mix extremely well with the masses. Yet, they are easily unique because they tend to literally steer clear-off agitation, strain and any sort of confrontation which they do with much ease. To be fair, they develop this habit of being calm and with outstanding manners by their continuous exposure to being “inside the jaws of hell”… playing poker, so to speak.  Why?…because playing poker is like being inside a pressure-cooker throughout the length of the game. Poker is indeed a game of extreme challenges and a poker player needs to have his wits around him/her at all times…yet after all this we get to hear words like these from poker players like Jim Ramm… “I live my life like I play my game of poker…in pure joyful abandon!” Now how about that? What else could be a better metaphor for poker…poker players must have to be champions!

Article Credit: M̀armij