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The general idea about gameplay during Pandemic, specifically in (places like) Derby Lane Poker Room of St. Petersburg, Florida United States, is that the situation is bigger than the game. But read on to discover how this is anything but a measly textbook observation for the poker landscape. Because, the Coronavirus Pandemic has been reported and especially evidenced as having absolutely no effect whatsoever over one Internationally acclaimed Poker celebrity and perpetuator, Jim Ramm.

The coronavirus disease hit the Wuhan wet market (China) in December 2019 some say. Nevertheless, what does this mean for gambling? Ironically however, Poker’s lease of life does not warrant a gamble. Nothing, let alone coronavirus, could be more insignificant in its wake. For, Poker is anything but mindlessly playing the ponies.

On the other hand, Poker is easy money over a mindful cup of tea. It’s that artfully easy, intellectually fruitful and financially strategic, even progressive amongst other things. “Bet” you didn’t know that Poker is a sophisticated and constructive activity for even the inexperienced. Poker is everybody’s baby to become extremely rich from the rags of perhaps only the first few games that could easily open doors, if not amount to stepping stones, to a glamorous life hitherto.

Jim Ramm has only been more active and resourceful if not the usual high-throttle he observes, day in and day out. It can’t be denied that Live Poker has taken a hit not just with Jim Ramm but Everywhere; yet So what? There’s Online! -seems to be his (unbroken) expression.

The Coronavirus disease, has been asserted by acclaimed News website The Telegraph to have wiped out almost Twenty years of economic advance in One stroke. “Alarming” is an understatement for such a blatant speculation by a website that won of one of 11 accolades – more than any other “newspaper”. But what does this mean for Poker itself, let alone gambling? Or contrariwise, to reflect on the industry, to elucidate the superiority of Jims Poker Room?

Poker is famously emblematic for putting up a countenance that hides one’s true feelings -famously coined by the term “Poker Face”. It has become a poker-naughty pursuit lately for players to essentially hack that superiority – enjoyed only amongst Top players and operators like Jim Ramm and others who have broken the glass ceiling – by the use of the necessary masks to fight the “unseen adversary”, COV-19. Many of you would probably jump at the idea that it never hurts for potential opponents to think that you’re more than a little stupid, as Amarillo Slim once said.

That said, you will not find Jim Ramm giving it away in a hurry though, No Sir!

In summary poker has taken no hit in effect of the current Pandemic situation and Jims Poker Room is testament indeed because of the speed in which they took their brick & mortar business in to the virtual arena of online gaming. This never let them slow down their gaming activity. In fact, it made them more active than ever in the Online medium.

Article Credit: Mr.Singham

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