Jims Corporation Colombo Pvt. Ltd., dba Jims Poker Room, Jims Poker Lounge, Jims Poker Palace, etc. We operate our Brick & Mortar venues only in legally licensed casinos (worldwide) and our official online poker platform which is legally compliant. 

We offer skill poker games offline and online to individuals strictly over 18 years of age, for real money and play chips, for the purposes of competition, entertainment, recreation and leisure only. Our tournaments are strictly competition model which may have awards in cash or kind.  

However, some individuals may be unable to control their compulsion and may play these games for much longer hours and indulge in real game plays thus creating an addiction problem. Becoming an addict player can affect the life not only of the players themselves but also their family, friends and colleagues.

We at Jims, promote responsible and balanced skill gaming only for entertainment and recreational purposes. If you believe you may have an addictive playing problem we urge you to seek assistance from one of the many organizations that provide the support that you need to regain control your problem.

In addition, if you feel that you cannot control your playing addiction, you can contact our customer support representatives and request that they restrict your access to our various Brick & Mortar poker venues or your online account. You will be able to restrict your access for a minimum of 3 months and after this time elapses, you are free to contact support to have your account reactivated. We may do so after an internal due diligence.

We also will restrict your access if any close family member of yours sends us a written request at any of our official email or venue addresses, with proof of your relation to that family member.


We do not allow access to the games (offline or online) if you are less than 18 years of age. You should always check the laws in your country to make sure that it is legal for you to participate in our games in your local area prior to joining the games. Legally the onus is on you to adhere to the laws of your land. Jims as a group complies/implements  all laws of the jurisdictions that we operate our businesses in.


If you choose to play poker with/at Jims, there are some general guidelines that can help make your playing experience safer and reduce the risk of problems that may/can arise:

    • Play for entertainment, and not as a way of making money. 
    • Try playing at the free play money games or the free-roll tournaments. We have a wide selection of these for your entertainment.
    • Play with money that you can afford to lose. Never use money that you need for important things such as food, rent, bills or tuition.
    • Never chase losses. If you lose money, don’t play higher stakes to try and recoup/recover your losses. All poker players have bad runs. During this period just take some time off.
    • Don’t play when you are upset, tired, or depressed. It is difficult to make good decisions when you are feeling down.
    • Balance poker with other activities. Find other forms of entertainment, activities or sports so playing poker does not become too big a part of your life. Take up a hobby for example.
  • Always discuss/consult with your parent/guardian/elder/friend/teacher/mentor or someone you respect and hold in higher esteem, about your addiction or playing problem, whenever you realize that playing poker is adversely effecting/affecting your lifestyle.