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“Some live players such as Phil Ivey, Daniel Negreanu or someone even as unidentified as Jim Ramm, are a few who show these mysterious abilities and are really and deeply analytical”

Woman appears and cradles humanity from the beginning of time, eons ago, a consequence of the instinctual evolution of uncertainty and randomness. In a mother of all ventures her design is to enter the casino when the time rolled nigh. She chooses, creates civilizations, and follows battles. This is most likely in a wager between timidity and an upheaval of her chances. Soon to grow, to spread and conquer. Civilizations throw dice into the inky warmth…lo and behold!…cultures. Cultures fracture in and factor into social living systems. Social systems introduce lifestyles. Enter community.

The epitome of our existence tracks back toward that single impulse of the pushing spark: desire. Because that need to be meek has always been the key for her. Every single day, the life of a human mind and body, is a chanceful bet. Throw in math, skills and experience. Enter Poker.

It’s the community card game that uses not just the measly, mere and insignificant and often frowned upon “Chance” as its driving force; call it parameter or framework. Poker is not a bad smell or a vain addiction as the inept often proclaim. Poker is anything but a bloody stigma that labels and damns it.


Enter the notorious feel players in poker. They are the kind of players who rely on gut instinct rather than taking any tricky situation apart to spot signs. The position of their logic and decision-making is absolutely enigmatic. Some live players such as Phil Ivey, Daniel Negreanu or someone even as unidentified as Jim Ramm, are a few who show these mysterious abilities and are really and deeply analytical.

On the other hand, are the inflexible and stubborn math players. They are as good as doubting even their own existence when (ever) it comes to their turn to play. Second-guessing themselves or worrying too much actually consumes their entire gaming-experience. But remarkably, they do actually feel it; the intuition does in fact hit them square in the face. And, ironically, it’s always just before the cards are turned. In the end, it’s always a combination of great knowledge, math and experience. Votes to the contrary? None.

However, Poker can ruin you. It can take you apart after charming you first and then leave you in utter shambles. The game is powerful, not dangerous; and that’s why it’s not for the weak at heart. Poker is all about the killer instinct and acquired skill. It’s about adventure, bravado, suavity and the greatest of discipline. This is besides the fact that this game can be tracked back to at least a couple of centuries. It has grown in many steps in a period of these last few hundred years. It has also evolved. Records show that the predecessor of poker had been a 10th century card game played by emperors. It is also claimed to be a variant of the Persian ‘As Nas’ and a French card game called ‘Poque’.

It has however evolved wholly and emerged well in the 21st century. The game of Poker is anything but a pathogen or evil in its active-state. Rather, Poker is a highlight activity in casinos that gives a makeover to the concept of Casino gambling. 

Jims Poker Room, the first and only global brick and mortar (live) poker room chain in the world, is a tribute and testimony to that. 

Woman prevails. Man learns.

Article Credit: M̀armij 

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